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Useful Information For Beekeepers

Here is some useful information for beekeepers. Click on the link to download the file.


Wax Dipping Beehives
Description: Hot Wax Dipping Beehives
Beehive Plan
Description: Plan of a beehive
Build a low cost beehive
Description: Low cost beehive
Build an Observation Hive
Description: Plan to build an observation hive
Setting Up an Observation Hive
Description: Build a low cost hive to show off your bees

Bob's Guides to Beekeeping

Assembling a Hive
Description: Build Bob's Hive
Using an Extractor
Description: Guide to starting with Bob's Extractors
Wiring a Resistor to a charger
Description: Wiring a resistor to a charger to attach wax to frames


Solar Wax Extractor
Description: Build a solar beeswax extractor 1
Solar Wax Extractor 2
Description: Build a solar wax extractor model 2
Board Front Entrance Feeder Plans

Other Resources

Recipe for Bee Pollen Supplement
Description: Make your own Bee food
7 Ways to Find the Queen
Description: Different ways to locate the queen bee
Description: Facts about the honeybee
Description: Article from Australian Museum in Canberra on pollination
Honey as a Complementary Medicine
Description: A report on honey as a complementary medicine
Dance Language of Bees
Description: How bees dance to show the location of nectar and pollen
Healing powers of Honey
Description: NINEMSN Report on medicinal Effects of Honey

Pests & Diseases of the Honey Bee

Plight of the Humble Bee
Description: Possible extinction of bees
The Braula Fly
Description: NSW article on the Braula Fly
Treating Varroa
Description: Varroa treatment options

Products of the Beehive

Royal Jelly
Description: Is Royal Jelly good for you?
Creamed Honey
Description: How to make creamed honey
Creamed Honey Article
Description: US fact sheet on creamed honey
Making Beeswax Cream Furniture Polish

Showing & Selling Honey

Judging Honey
Description: Judging honey in a competition
Preparing Honey for Sale
Description: Preparing honey for competition or sale
Exhibiting Honey at Shows
Description: How to prepare honey for exhibition at shows.