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QUEEN MARKING PEN Water based, non acidic marker. Enables Queen to be marked for ease of identification. Universal Queen colours2020 = Blue2021 = White (or grey)2022 = Yellow2023 = Red2024 = GreenFor the hobby beekeeper with 1 or 2 hives just choose your favourite colour..
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LIQUID BEE SMOKELiquid Bee Smoke is made from a concentrated liquid which is added to water, and then used in replacement for the traditional smoker.The small sachet is added to 4 litres of water in a spray trigger bottle (that is used for misting plant leaves with water). You can let it sit..
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WIRE CRIMPERA strong crimper used to crimp tension into loose frame wire.Place the wire between the two metal wheels, squeezing the tool onto the wire. Draw the crimper the length of the wire. This will take up any slack ensuring that the wire is taught.The wheels are made of metal and will ..
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BELLOWSSpare bellows for beekeeper's smoker. Will fit most brands of smoker.Standing vertically on its base the 4 screws on bellow are 8.5 cms apart horizontally and 6 cms apart vertically.Spare beeco bellows also available...
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SMOKER LIGHTER Handy lighter with long nose. Product supplied may differ slightly from that illustrated.Can be inserted deep into the smoker to make lighting easy, particularly in windy weather...
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FRAME CLEANERThis handy frame cleaning tool is designed to make cleaning old frames easy and trouble free.A curved sharp end is used to clean old wax embedded in the top bar groove, while the serrated edge is used to clean wax from the wire.The design of the tool also enables it to..
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EYELET TOOLA handy tool for use when attaching eyelets onto frames.Thread 8 eyelets onto the tool and use the tool to push the eyelets into the pre-drilled holes in the frame.Makes assembly of frames a breeze as there is no longer any fiddling with small eyelets...
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QUEEN EXCLUDER CLEANEROver time queen excluders get blocked with wax or propolis and this is often difficult to remove.This handy tool enables you to easily clean metal excluders allowing worker bees free access again to supers...
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WAX EMBEDDING WHEELWire or wax embedding wheels are used when assembling frames to attach sheets of foundation to wire.For best results, slightly heat the brass wheel in hot water and then press the wire into the wax while rolling the wheel across the length of the sheet...
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