Exploring with the Microscope

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Werner Nachtigall.

“…might well be subtitled, ‘The Complete Book of Microscopes.’ From how to buy, understand, and use a microscope to collecting and viewing plant, animal, and inorganic specimens, this is lavishly illustrated and meticulously detailed….More than 100 color slides…photos…and diagrams enhance the text. A wealth of botanical and zoological data….Chapters on photomicrography and aquatic micro-organisms”. — Booklist. “…explains everything readers need to know about microscopes….With writing that is precise and clear…excellent-quality full-color diagrams and photos, this book will be perfect for students involved in science..”. — SLJ. What can be discovered in a piece of moss? How complex is the structure of household table salt? What parts of a seed can become a tree? Explore the tiny universes hidden within plants, animals, rocks, and minerals; and uncover the wonders of working with a microscope. It’s a fantastic journey into the astounding world of microscopic fun and fascination.


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