Child’s Beekeeping Suit

$55.00 inc. GST




Chidren’s overall with fencing style hood.

Hood  will zip off for easy laundering.  Do not place hood in washing machine as this will affect the net face mask.
Sizes available are:  Small, Medium and Large .   Infant or toddler sized suits are currently unavailable.

If you care to telephone us we are very happy to assist with fitting and recommend this to avoid disappointment as children differ a lot in size and build even if they are the same age.

N.B. Protective clothing offers some protection for your child against stings.
It does not, however, offer total protection and children should be closely supervised by a responsible adult around bees at all times.
We recommend that the child wear a baseball cap under the hood as the cap peak will assist in keeping hood netting away from an active child’s nose.


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