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Overall (Clearance)

Overall (Clearance)

Overall - Fencing style with brass zipper

Made of good quality cotton with a small percentage of polyester this overall has a brass zipper down the front and at the ankles.

The zip runs the length of the front of the garment from the crotch to a point inside the protective hood.

Two domed catches hold the rest of the front together inside the protective hood to the high collar point.

The front zipper has two heads enabling it to be zipped either up or down.

The fencing style hood has a nylon zip and can be removed for laundering.

This overall has a fixed waist band in contrast to the other style we sell which has an elasticised waistband.

Available in sizes S, M, L & 2XL.

The critical measurement is the high shoulder point down to crotch as this needs to be long enough to allow comfortable movement.

To ensure you can crouch down and work the bees comfortably, we suggest you allow an additional 20cm to the shoulder to crotch measurement.

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