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Beekeeping Courses For Beginners

Participants from across Victoria have attended these courses to learn what is involved keeping their own honey bees. These informative courses are held at Edendale Community Farm near Melbourne, Victoria and led by Bronwyn Woods, an experienced beekeeper and excellent trainer. 

  • Learn about one of the earth’s most amazing insects and its millennia old bond with flowering plants
  • Did you know that honey bee pollinated plants account for a large proportion of our diet
  • Understand the threats facing the bee and how these may affect our future food security
  • Consider how you can assist the bee by keeping a few hives and in return make your garden more productive and those of your surrounding community
  • Enjoy your own cold pressed honey full of enzymes – literally the essence of the flower as extracted by the clever bee
  • Obtain answers to your questions on the practical aspects of beekeeping and discover why keeping bees is a relaxing and a rewarding hobby for all the family.

We run courses to cater for wherever you may be on your beekeeping journey - please explore the 3 options below. 

Learn All About Beekeeping With Our Comprehensive Courses

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to properly keep and care for bees but you’ve never been sure where to start, Bob’s Beekeeping Supplies can help! We run comprehensive beekeeping courses for both beginners and more experienced beekeepers, teaching everything you need to know about keeping your own honey bees. Discover the importance of bees, enjoy your own cold-pressed honey, learn about the threats bees face and how you can help, and get answers to all of your questions! Led by the experienced beekeeper and trainer Bronwyn Woods, our informative courses are held at Windjana near Melbourne and cater to everyone regardless of where you may be on your beekeeping journey.

Book Introductory Classes, Beekeeping Courses For Beginners, And Intermediate Workshops With Bob’s Beekeeping Supplies

Bob’s Beekeeping Supplies is a family-owned beekeeping business with over 15 years of industry experience. We have a real passion for our trade and are committed to helping beekeepers throughout Australia, teaching them everything there is to know about bee care and bee hive management. If you’re looking for comprehensive beekeeping courses in Melbourne that are informative, fun, and led by an experienced beekeeper, look no further! We offer beekeeping courses for beginners and intermediates that are expertly designed to help you master the many skills of beekeeping. Head over to our contact page to learn more and sign up for our courses and workshops today!

19 Sep Beekeeping - A Taster
0 2360
Beekeeping is an enjoyable, relaxing and accessible hobby that has recently undergone resurgence. Learn what is involved in keeping your own hive of b..
18 Sep Bee-ginning Beekeeping
0 6573
The beginners course includes both theory as well as a practical session opening and inspecting a beehive.We cover the following topics:History of bee..
17 Sep Intermediate Beekeeping
0 2025
Intermediate courses/workshops - coming in 2022!A series of workshops designed for beekeepers with more experience.Topics include the following:1) Que..
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