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BEEKEEPING COURSESThere are 2 main options:1) A one day course held onsite covering both the theoretical and practical group hive inspection component..
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FRAME - FULL SIZE - ASSEMBLED WITH FOUNDATIONA full size frame assembled with a quality Victorian foundation sheet.Ready to place in hive ..
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Extractor - 3 or 4 Frame manual
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EXTRACTOR - 3 or 4 FRAME MANUALQuality extractor is made of food quality stainless steel.The extractor is fitted with plastic covers to stop honey esc..
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Beekeeping: A Seasonal Guide
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BEEKEEPING: A Seasonal Guide - USABy Ron BrownFrom the stirrings of spring and summer swarms to autumn honey harvest and winter protection..
Ex Tax:$24.55
EVERYTHING YOU NEED - COMPREHENSIVE KITA comprehensive beginner's kit comprising all the protective clothing and equipment the new beekeep..
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SECOND EDITION NOW AVAILABLE and IN STOCK!!!! Robert OwenThe book is aimed at both the novice and experienced beekeeper in Australia and explains..
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EXTRACTING KIT - BASICSufficient for the beginner to start extracting honey from frames.The kit consists of:- Uncapping Knife, manual ..
Ex Tax:$113.64
FOUNDATION - PURE BEESWAXHEAVY DUTYA thick pure beeswax foundation sheet produced in Victoria.Approximately 12 sheets to the kilogram. This ..
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FRAME - Queensland Hoop Pine frames - strong wood, easy to put together.4 pieces: top, bottom and 2 side bars require assembly.Pre drilled eye..
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FRAME - FULL SIZE - ASSEMBLED WITH FOUNDATIONA full size frame assembled with a quality Victorian foundation sheet.Ready to place in hive ..
Ex Tax:$7.73
QUEEN CELLS / CUPS - Used to graft either larvae or eggs during the queen rearing process..
Ex Tax:$0.23
FRAME - ASSEMBLEDAssembled and wired frames.NOW available in Ideal, WSP and Full Depth size!!!..
Ex Tax:$4.09
SMALL HIVE BEETLE TRAP Small Hive Beetle Trap - Full Size: 22.5 cm longThe disposable or reusable plastic trap is inserted and held between fra..
Ex Tax:$2.73
GIFT VOUCHERNOMINATE THE AMOUNT YOU WISH TO SPENDAvailable for the beekeeper in your life when you are not sure what to buy.A voucher takes aw..
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HIVE BOX (SUPER / BROOD) - ASSEMBLED, WAX DIPPED & PAINTEDHive box ready-made, hot dipped in wax and pre-painted white.Hot dipping and..
Ex Tax:$42.73
GLOVE - COW SKIN WITH GAUNTLETStrong cow skin glove and gauntlet with an elasticised top which importantly prevents bees crawling down the glove...
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HIVE BOX - FLAT PACK Hive box, full depth. Radiata pine.Rebated joints, strong and easy to assemble.Holds 8 or 10 full size frames. Can b..
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WISDOM OF THE BEES - AustraliaBy Erik BerrevoetsWhile the benefits of Steiner's research into agriculture and education are increasingly ..
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WISDOM for BEEKEEPERS: 500 Tips for Successful Beekeeping
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WISDOM for BEEKEEPERS: 500 Tips for Successful BeekeepingBy James E. Trew - USAKeeping bees in your own backyard, whether out in the country o..
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WIRE CRIMPERA strong crimper used to crimp tension into loose frame wire.Place the wire between the two metal wheels, squeezing the tool onto the ..
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WIREUsed to construct bee frames.Stainless Steel is more resistant to corrosion than galvanised wire and will last many years in the hive frames..
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WICK TABSTabs for the bottom of your wickPrice is for 10Option to buy 100 at cheaper rate..
Ex Tax:$2.73
Square Cotton Wick for Beeswax:It is an Australian made lead-free cotton wick.Manufactured with wick strands running through an outer stocking which a..
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