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NUCLEUS ENTRANCE DISC SMALL Useful disc to add a variable entrance to a nucleus box.Three settings: Queen excluder, ventilation holes or wide open. Diameter is 5 cms...
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Plastic nucleus box
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PLASTIC NUCLEUS BOXThis 5 frame rigid plastic nucleus box is great as a temporary hive. More robust, UV durable and easier to clean than corflute nucs it is great as a temporary nuc or swarm box you can clean well and use again and again. It comes with an entrance disc (open, closed, vented, queen e..
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TEMPORARY NUCLEUS BOX (CORFULTE)This 5 frame corrugated plastic (corflute) nucleus box is great as a temporary nucleus hive or swarm catching box. It comes folded with an entrance disc (open, closed, vented, queen excluder- colours vary). 5 wired frames can be added. ..
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ULTRA BEE POLLEN SUBSTITUTEUltra Bee by Mann Lake is a high protein complete bee feed with 58% crude protein. Ultra Bee provides the highest amount of protein available in a dry feed. Use Ultra Bee to build colonies in late winter or early spring to prepare for pollination or any time to maintain/ i..
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Hive Stand
HIVE STANDMade locally from hardwood for long lasting quality.Dimensions of rebate for hive base are 52.2 x 36cm Note stand does not come with the base shown in picture - it is for demonstration purpose only...
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