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BASE - PLASTIC (NON-VENTED) A strong almost indestructible base which will never rot.Can be used underneath either a wooden or plastic hive box.Made in Victoria...
Ex Tax:$42.73
COMB CUTTERHoney comb cutter in 2 styles - traditional wooden handle and stainless steel handle.Easily cuts comb into square pieces which can then be stored in our comb containers. ..
Ex Tax:$18.18
Frames - Wired with Foundation
FROM $7.50
FRAMES - WIRED WITH FOUNDATION - FULL DEPTH ONLYA full size frame assembled with a quality Victorian foundation sheet.Ready to place in hive - no further assembly requiredPrice per frame Due to its fragility, we do not recommend postage of this item.Should you still elect to have it p..
Ex Tax:$8.00
NUCLEUS ENTRANCE DISC SMALL Useful disc to add a variable entrance to a nucleus box.Three settings: Queen excluder, ventilation holes or wide open. Diameter is 5 cms...
$2.00 $5.00
Ex Tax:$1.82
TEMPORARY NUCLEUS BOX (CORFULTE)5 frame corflute nucleus hive...
Ex Tax:$22.73
Hive Stand
HIVE STANDMade locally from hardwood for long lasting quality.Dimensions of rebate for hive base are 52.2 x 36cm Note stand does not come with the base shown in picture - it is for demonstration purpose only...
Ex Tax:$44.55
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