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BEEKEEPING COURSESThe beginners course includes both theory as well as a practical session opening and inspecting a beehive.Courses are run during spring and summer (September to February).For more information about course content please CLICK HERE or give us a call to discuss.The course includes a ..
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This highly detailed model shows the development of a worker bee over 21 days from the queen laying the egg to the new worker bee emerging from its cell.The large, open faced honeycomb cleverly displays each 3D printed and handpainted brood model. The emerging bee, nurse bee and the laying queen are..
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These sticker packs have a random assortment of cute, funny and encouraging bee themed stickers. Each pack will have 10 stickers that will differ and may not include the same stickers as shown in the example image. FREE POSTAGE AVAILABLE- Add to your other items as normal (without increasing po..
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SILICON CANDLE MOULD New 'quick release' silicon candle moulds. Made from durable silicon, moulds have a quick release join that allows the mould to be peeled away with ease when releasing the candle (not applicable for the 19 cavity design). Each mould has differing levels of detail.19 Cavity ..
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COMB CUTTERHoney comb cutter in 2 styles - traditional wooden handle and stainless steel handle.Easily cuts comb into square pieces which can then be stored in our comb containers. ..
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DOG BEE COSTUMEYour dog will look as sweet as can bee in this bee costume. The dress-up has a yellow and black striped harness with black mesh wings.The neck hole is fixed size and the belly strap is adjustable. Come in two sizes- Small has a 33cm neck and Medium is 39cm. Toy for modelling purp..
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HONEYCOMBS The object of Honeycombs is to connect your tiles together by matching their symbols.The more matches you make the more points you earn. The honeybee is wild and can be connected with any symbol.Honeycombs has three unique ways to play, each varying in speed and competitiveness. Choose t..
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HAMBLY QUEEN DIALThis tool is great for everyone from beginners to queen rearers. It helps you identify how long your hive has been queenless or how quickly your queen started laying. With its sturdy plastic coated material you can use it over and over again. This updated version cont..
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HAMBLY QUEEN V TOOL V is for Virility and Viability!Fantastic tool that can be used as a measuring stick for your queen's output.You place the tool over the densest patch of brood and can quickly and easily identify how many cells out of 100 are empty.There are easy calculations to work out a b..
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HEXAGON Wooden hexagon shape.Dimensions: Each of the 6 panels is 15cm x 11cm and 5mm thickTypical overall dimensions are 26cm high and 30cm wide..
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HIVE HELPDo you need some assistance managing your hive? A part-time mentor? Someone to do your first inspection?Or perhaps you would like to gain the confidence to inspect and manage your hives on your own by having someone there to assist and encourage during a few hive inspections?Whatever you ma..
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LIP BALM POT25g clear plastic cosmetic tub/pot. ..
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