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Queen Rearing

HAMBLY QUEEN DIALThis tool is great for everyone from beginners to queen rearers. It helps you identify how long your hive has been queenless or how quickly your queen started laying. With its sturdy plastic coated material you can use it over and over again. This updated version cont..
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HAMBLY QUEEN V TOOL V is for Virility and Viability!Fantastic tool that can be used as a measuring stick for your queen's output.You place the tool over the densest patch of brood and can quickly and easily identify how many cells out of 100 are empty.There are easy calculations to work out a b..
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AGGUIDE - QUEEN BEE BREEDINGBy NSW Department of Primary IndustriesWhether your goal is to rear a few queen bees or thousands, this manual provides the basic knowledge and instruction to get you started and can be applied to beekeeping operations ranging from several thousand colonies to one or two...
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GRAFTING TOOL A grafting tool used to remove bee eggs or larvae from a frame in order to place them in queen cells.The tool is convenient to use when raising queens for your own use or to sell. Plastic is less durable than the stainless steel option, it is however softer to use on both eggs an..
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QUEEN CAGE - TravelCages can be used to mail queen bees throughout Australia Post or to hold a queen for a buyer.A queen bee and her worker companions can easily be inserted into the cage and the lid attached.The queen can be fed syrup or water through the holes in the cage which also al..
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QUEEN CELLS / CUPS - Used to graft either larvae or eggs during the queen rearing process..
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Queen Rearing Kit Queen Rearing Kit
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QUEEN REARING KIT This kit contains the items needed to successfully raise queens. The kit contains: - Queen cells x 100 - Frame for attaching queen cells x1 (requires assembly) - Grafter, plastic x 3- Grafter, stainless steel x 1- Queen holders x 2 (plastic)- Queen holders x 2 (metal)- Queen..
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QUEEN MARKING CAGEPlace the cage over the queen and gently press the cage into the comb.Once the queen is unable to move use a pen to mark her thorax so that she will be easier to find during later hive inspections.Make sure your pen ink is flowing before you start the marking p..
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QUEEN HOLDER - CLIP TYPE - x 2 piecesUsed to temporarily hold a queen while working on her hive.If you are breeding queens you can also use the holder to catch new queens before moving to a more permanent home...
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QUEEN MARKING PEN Water based, non acidic marker. Enables Queen to be marked for ease of identification. Universal Queen colours2020 = Blue2021 = White (or grey)2022 = Yellow2023 = Red2024 = GreenFor the hobby beekeeper with 1 or 2 hives just choose your favourite colour..
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