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Human Health

The Beeswax Workshop
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THE BEESWAX WORKSHOPBy Chris DalzielHow to make your own natural candles, cosmetics, cleaners, soaps, healing balms and more!..
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Honey for Health & Beauty
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HONEY FOR HEALTH AND BEAUTY - USA by The National Honey Board USADiscover the proven and powerful health, beauty and healing properties of nature's miracle medicine: honey. For millions of years, bees have worked tirelessly to create nature's miracle medicine: honey. In this important book, th..
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THE MIRACLE OF HONEY: practical tips for health, home and beauty - UK By Dr Penny StanwayThe Miracle of Honey is a compact yet comprehensive and authoritative guide to honey, with helpful information on every possible way to use this wonderful product of nature - not only in cooking but al..
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Folk Medicine
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FOLK MEDICINE - USA By D.C. JarvisDr Jarvis spent years practicing medicine in the Green Mountains of Vermont observing the natural wonders of Vermont folk medicine. This book tells how these resourceful and self-sufficient people drew on such natural substances as honey, apple cider and ..
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Health and healing with bee products
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Health and healing with bee productsBy C. Leigh Broadhurst - USABeehive products are nutritional and medicinal powerhouses - the ultimate "nutraceuticals." They are effectively used for hundreds of reasons from helping to alleviate allergies, fatigue, and impotence to recovery from illness a..
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Honey: natures golden healer
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HONEY: Nature's Golden Healer - USA By Gloria HavenhandA comprehensive introduction to the nectar of the gods. With increasing numbers of people ditching drugs for natural healing, Honey: Nature s Golden Healer is a timely look at how the beehive can help us look and feel better. Highlight..
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Honey: the gourmet medicine
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HONEY: the gourmet medicine - USA By TraynorThis book describes the medicinal benefits of honey in treating a variety of maladies. The unique antibacterial properties of honey are stressed. Different varieties and flavors of honey are described.A comprehensive and thorough book on honey. F..
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The Hive: the story of the honeybee and us
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THE HIVE: the story of the honeybee and us - UK By Bee WilsonThe author explores the magic world of the honeybee - from the honey delta of ancient Egypt to the tupelo forests of modern Florida, taking in a cast of characters including Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Sherlock Holmes and Muha..
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Two Million Blossoms: Discovering the Medicinal Benefits of Hone
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TWO MILLION BLOSSOMS: Discovering the Medicinal Benefits of Honey - USABy Kristen S TraynorNew scientific findings from around the world demonstrate honey heals chronic wounds, beats antibiotic-resistant superbugs, eliminates tissue scarring, reduces brain damage, improves memory and min..
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Bee Venom Therapy: The Apitherapy Way To Health By Frank SchmidtThis book provides an introduction on how the use of bee venom may help treat many health conditions.Author's Summary;Bee venom and bee byproducts have long been known in ancient halls of medicine as beneficial and almost miraculous in ..
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