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POLLEN TRAPPlastic attachment for your hive to collect pollen from the bees as they enter...
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HIVE ENTRANCE FEEDERThis handy entrance feeder is used to feed bees either water during a drought or syrup when building up a colony.The feeder is filled with syrup and the tray is pushed into the entrance of the hive.The feeder can hold 0.75L of water or syrup.PLEASE NOT..
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FRAME FEEDER A large capacity 3.5 Litre frame feeder. Conveniently fits into the hive and is used to feed sugar syrup to the colony.This enables the colony to build up numbers quickly in the spring or to survive during a drought. Made of durable plastic, and includes a lid and two square cages for t..
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FRONT FEEDER ATTACHMENTA handy entrance feeder attachment which can be used to provide bees with either water during a drought or syrup when building up a colony.Simply attach to an empty standard sized soft drink bottle.Price is for one attachment. (Bottle not provided)...
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Mineral beeMinerals and Trace Elements FOR BEES is 100% natural minerals, trace elements, amino acids and fatty acids for honeybees.Minerals and Trace Elements FOR BEES has been scientifically proven to contain THE SAME KEY MINERALS AND TRACE ELEMENTS AS HONEY AND POLLENWhy add Minerals & Trace ..
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TOP FEEDER This top feeder is used to provide sugar solution to bees to supplement their nectar gathering activities.Deep reservoir.Wire mesh and gutter guard supplied for open part of feeder. The feeder is made from raw, untreated wood. Before use the interior of the feeder needs to be..
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