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Frames & Framemaking

FRAME - FULL SIZE - ASSEMBLED WITH FOUNDATIONA full size frame assembled with a quality Victorian foundation sheet.Ready to place in hive - no further assembly requiredPrice per frame Due to its fragility, we do not recommend postage of this item.Should you still elect to have it po..
Ex Tax:$7.73
FRAME - ASSEMBLEDAssembled and wired frames.NOW available in Ideal, WSP and Full Depth size!!!..
Ex Tax:$4.09
FRAME - Queensland Hoop Pine frames - strong wood, easy to put together.4 pieces: top, bottom and 2 side bars require assembly.Pre drilled eyelet holes in side bars.Frame Depth for Full size is 230mmWSP is an increasingly popular choice for frame size. Frame Depth 192mmFor the plastic fo..
Ex Tax:$1.59
FRAME MAKING BOARD Frame making boards make the assembly of frames and the attachment of wax much easier.The board is designed to sit inside a full size frame allowing the frame wire to rest on the board, thus pressing down on the sheet of wax.With this slight pressure between the wire and..
Ex Tax:$12.73
FRAME MAKING KIT Kit contains all the tools and pieces necessary to make 16 full depth frames (or 20 if you select 10 frame option).The set consists of:- 16 frames, unassembled- 16 sheets of wax foundation- Wire, stainless steel 500g- Eyelets, Brass, 80g- Nails, for assemblin..
Ex Tax:$122.73
FOUNDATION - PURE BEESWAXHEAVY DUTYA thick pure beeswax foundation sheet produced in Victoria.Approximately 12 sheets to the kilogram. This foundation provides a strong base for bees to draw comb. Purchase by the sheet or by 10kg boxRough count of  approximately 110 – 120 pieces per ..
Ex Tax:$2.73
FOUNDATION - PLASTICA strong foundation sheet which flexes easily into a full size wooden frame with top and bottom grooves.After assembly the sheet of plastic foundation should be prepared with a coating of thin beeswax to makeit more acceptable to bees. Colour of stock may change from time..
Ex Tax:$1.82
Beeswax Block - various sizesBeeswax can be used to coat plastic frames, make candles or lip balm, tie dyeing cloth and for many other beekeeping and craft applications.Note mould shape may vary from those shown in the picture...
Ex Tax:$22.73
WAX EMBEDDER - BATTERY OPERATEDThe electric embedder is used to attach foundation to the frame wires.Connect the two electric leads from a power source such as a car battery charger and a current limiting resistor (available on this site) and the embedder is ready to use.Press the wi..
Ex Tax:$30.00
BATTERY CHARGER12 Volt battery charger can be used to attach foundation wax sheets to frame wire.Using the battery charger current to heat the frame wire enables the wax to slightly melt and attach the foundation to the wire.Best used with stainless steel wire and a current limiting ..
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Resistor - 2 Ohms
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RESISTOR This high quality electrical resistor is used to limit the current drawn by a battery charger when attaching wax to frame wire.Without attaching a resistor to one of the leads of the power supply, the frame wire can draw too much current and burn out the wire.Resistor is rated at 2 ..
Ex Tax:$19.09
WIREUsed to construct bee frames.Stainless Steel is more resistant to corrosion than galvanised wire and will last many years in the hive frames without corrosion.Galvanised steel is a lot more resistant to stretching than stainless steel wire although it can be corroded by honey...
Ex Tax:$11.82
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