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100 PLANTS TO FEED THE BEES: Provide a Healthy Habitat to Help Pollinators Thrive - By the Xerces Society (USA)The international bee crisis is threatening our global food supply, but this user-friendly field guide shows what you can do to help protect our pollinators. The Xerces Society for Inv..
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A Guide To Native Bees of Australia
A GUIDE TO NATIVE BEES OF AUSTRALIA - By Terry HoustonAn illustrated introduction to the estimated 2000 species of Australian bees.Bees are often thought of as yellow and black striped insects that live in hives and produce honey. However, Australia’s abundant native bees are incredibly diverse..
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Bees & other beneficial insects: a pocket-book guide
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Megan Halcroft has written a very helpful guide for people with minimal or basic knowledge of native bees and benefical insects who would like to better understand the insects commonly found in the garden. Designed to fit in your pocket it is a great resource that can be easily carried and checked o..
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Honey and Pollen Flora of South-Eastern AustraliaBy  Dr Doug Somerville, with NSW DPIFloral resources within Australia underpin so many systems and animal species. Building knowledge and understanding of what they are, and how they are adapting to a changing climate, is a critical field of..
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MILKWOOD - Real skills for down-to-earth livingBy Kirsten Bradley & Nick RitarThe skills we learn bind our loves together. Do you want to know how to grow your own food? Or keep bees? How to forage for wild greens, or edible seaweed along the shoreline? Maybe you're curious about cultivating mus..
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THE BEE FRIENDLY GARDENEasy ways to help the bees and make your garden growBy Doug PurdieThe Bee Friendly Garden is a guide for all gardeners great and small to encourage bees and other good bugs to your green space.It includes:- how bees forage and why your garden needs them- a comprehensiv..
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Plants and Planting Plans for a Bee Garden: How to Design Beautiful Borders That Will Attract BeesBy Maureen Little - USAFor many people gardening is predominantly about plants and choosing the right combination and balance to make beautiful borders. This book will help you achieve this - and more, ..
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THE BEE BOOK - Australia By Ann CliffFrom a local Victorian author, covers Beekeeping Basics, Harvesting Honey, Beeswax, Candles and other Bee Business. A great introduction to beekeeping or gift for someone beginning to think about keeping bees...
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Bee Friendly
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Bee Friendly: a planting guide for European honeybees and Australian native pollinatorsBy Mark Leech - AustraliaThis is a highly readable and informative guide to the bee-friendly plants that can be used to attract honeybees to your garden and to larger properties. Each plant or shrub descri..
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Getting Started in Permaculture
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GETTING STARTED IN PERMACULTURE - UK By Ross & Jenny MarsPermaculture experts Ross and Jenny Mars outline the steps to transform your garden into a productive living system. Modelled upon the development of Candlelight Farm, and illustrated with photographs, this guide encourages the r..
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THE BEE FRIENDLY GARDEN: Bring Bees to Your Flowers, Orchard, and Vegetable Patch - UKBy Ted HooperWritten by the internationally renowned beekeeper - Ted Hooper, this work features full-colour photography, alongside practical and informative hints and tips for beekeeping and gardening. ..
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THE BEE GARDEN - UKBy Maureen LittleBees play a vital and irreplaceable role in pollinating our flowers, fruits and vegetables. The more bees in your garden the healthier, more productive and more pleasant a place it will be. Yet bees are declining rapidly and many people, even if they d..
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