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COMB CUTTERHoney comb cutter in 2 styles - traditional wooden handle and stainless steel handle.Easily cuts comb into square pieces which can then be stored in our comb containers. ..
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BUDGET HONEY GATEDiameter of gates is 4cm.Nylon - Made from food grade plastic, with a silicon seal and stainless steel screws. ..
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Home honey extraction assistance. We bring extraction equipment to your home and assist you in doing a honey extraction. Great for those who want hands on teaching on how to do an extraction or need to hire the equipment and another set of hands.  What’s included; 4hrs of assistance- th..
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EXTRACTOR - 3 or 4 FRAME MANUALQuality extractor is made of food quality stainless steel.The extractor is fitted with plastic covers to stop honey escaping during extraction, and also uses strong metal gears closed inside a protective cover.The unit has a top crank mechanism and comes in either 3 or..
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WAX PRESSThis is a traditional method of extracting honey from honeycomb.In this method, a lot of coarser wax particles are retained inside the press...
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EXTRACTION KIT - BASICSufficient for the beginner to start extracting honey from frames.The kit consists of:- Uncapping Knife, manual- Scratcher, straight needles- Strainer, with 2 grades of stainless steel filter- Pail, 20L food grade plastic with 4cm honey gate- Pai..
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UNCAPPING TRAY - BUDGETPlastic tray with nylon gate used for uncapping frames prior to extraction.Volume is approximately 43.5LUNCAPPING TRAY - WITH RACKPlastic tray with nylon gate and a stainless steel rack for holding the frame during the uncapping processUNCAPPING TRAY - WITH SPIKEPlastic tray w..
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UNCAPPING KNIFE - ELECTRICA high quality electric uncapping knife which makes the removal of wax capping from frames a simple operation. Made of food quality stainless steel with a built in thermostat, this electric knife will give years of useful service.Also available is the Pierce USA brand elect..
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UNCAPPING KNIFEGood quality, 28cm uncapping knife is made of extra thick steel so that it retains heat longer after dipping in hot water.The knife is used for the easy removal of the wax cover over a frame of honey prior to extraction.For best results, heat the knife in very hot w..
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UNCAPPING FORKConvenient and easy to use, used to uncap the frame prior to extraction...
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Uncapping RollerUncapping rollers are an inexpensive and easy way to remove wax capping from combs of honey. Roll the uncapper over the surface of the honeycomb to break the wax, then place the frame into an extractor to remove the honey...
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SCRATCHERA useful tool, the scratcher has a plastic handle with stainless steel needles for removing capping wax from frames.Ideal for the hobby beekeeper.Comes with curved or straight needles. Also available is a scratcher made of a single piece of stainless steel cut by laser.The laser scratc..
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