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WIREUsed to construct bee frames.Stainless Steel is more resistant to corrosion than galvanised wire and will last many years in the hive frames without corrosion.Galvanised steel is a lot more resistant to stretching than stainless steel wire although it can be corroded by honey...
Ex Tax:$11.82
EYELETS, BRASSMade of brass for durability.Used during frame making by inserting into the pre-drilled holes in frame side bars.Eyelets prevent wire cutting through and damaging side bars when frame is full of heavy honeycomb.Sold in the below quantities:20g, approximately 250 eyelets. 40g, appr..
Ex Tax:$4.09
FRAME NAILSCement coated nails suitable for assembling frames. 30mm x 1.4mm flat top nails.The cement coat ensures a stronger bond between the top bar and the sides of the frame making them less likely to come apart. Price is per 300gLARGER QUANTITIES ALSO AVAILABLE..
Ex Tax:$5.00
FRAME TACKSZinc coated tacks, for finishing attachment of wire to frames.Also useful to attach riser to base board.Tack size 1.4mm x 20mm.Per 50gLARGER QUANTITIES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST..
Ex Tax:$2.73
BASE FIXINGS PACK Pack of 6 galvanised flathead screws and 12 tacks used to assemble either an 8-frame base or a 10-frame base.The flat head screws are used to attach the Weathertex board to bottom cleats.Tacks are used to attach the riser to the Weathertex board...
Ex Tax:$2.73
NAILS - BOX Nails for assembling supers and brood boxes. Cement coated for extra strength.Size 65mm x 2.8mm flat top nails. Base price is Per 150g (this is approx. 45 nails which is enough to construct a single box)LARGER QUANTITIES ALSO AVAILABLE..
Ex Tax:$4.00
SCREWS FOR HIVE BOXESGalvanised screws are used to assemble brood boxes, supers and nucleus hives. The length of the screw is 65mm to achieve maximum strength in the joins of the wood.Price per 50 pieces.LARGER QUANTITIES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST..
Ex Tax:$7.73
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