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BEEKEEPER CADDYPerfect gift for the beekeper who has everything!This beautiful caddy to hold all the essential beekeeping tools.Price excludes the J-tool and smoker - for demonstration only..
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HIVE TOOL 1) Australian J Tool - Convenient to use, made of spring steel, can't be bent.Sharp edge for cutting off beeswax and prizing open hives.2) Long - At 39cms this extra-long hive tool allows for greater flexibility and leverage than the standard model. There are two levering heads at th..
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SMOKERS:A beekeeper's smoker is a device that is used to calm bees by interfering with their alarm pheremones. It generates smoke (thus how it got its name) from the smouldering fuel inside the barrel, and is essential part of the beekeepers kit to allow the manipulation of honey bees. There are 3 m..
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BEE BRUSHThis brush is used to gently sweep bees off frames during inspection or extraction. Nylon - the fine nylon hairs ensure that the bees are not caught in the brush or injured.Horse hair - is gentler than nylon hair and more resistant to propolis and honey accumulation on the fibres...
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FRAME HOLDER FOR HIVE Frame holders ( 2 pieces) are attached to the side of a hive box and make inspecting frames much easier.Made of stainless steel they can easily be attached and then moved to the next hive for another inspection...
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FRAME GRIP A frame grip is used to take frames from the hive with one hand.Lightweight and easy to use, the grip is wide enough to hold any depth of frame.Specifically designed to grip the deeper Australian frame top bars...
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QUEEN MARKING CAGEPlace the cage over the queen and gently press the cage into the comb.Once the queen is unable to move use a pen to mark her thorax so that she will be easier to find during later hive inspections.Make sure your pen ink is flowing before you start the marking p..
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QUEEN HOLDER - CLIP TYPE - x 2 piecesUsed to temporarily hold a queen while working on her hive.If you are breeding queens you can also use the holder to catch new queens before moving to a more permanent home...
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QUEEN MARKING PEN Water based, non acidic marker. Enables Queen to be marked for ease of identification. Universal Queen colours2020 = Blue2021 = White (or grey)2022 = Yellow2023 = Red2024 = GreenFor the hobby beekeeper with 1 or 2 hives just choose your favourite colour..
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LIQUID BEE SMOKELiquid Bee Smoke is made from a concentrated liquid which is added to water, and then used in replacement for the traditional smoker.The small sachet is added to 4 litres of water in a spray trigger bottle (that is used for misting plant leaves with water). You can let it sit..
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WIRE CRIMPERA strong crimper used to crimp tension into loose frame wire.Place the wire between the two metal wheels, squeezing the tool onto the wire. Draw the crimper the length of the wire. This will take up any slack ensuring that the wire is taught.The wheels are made of metal and will ..
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BELLOWSSpare bellows for beekeeper's smoker. Will fit most brands of smoker.Standing vertically on its base the 4 screws on bellow are 8.5 cms apart horizontally and 6 cms apart vertically...
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