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Beekeeping Kits For Beginners

Learn How to Start Beekeeping With Our Complete Range of Starter Kits

If you’re new to the world of beekeeping, there are a few different essentials you’ll need to invest in to ensure your bees are properly cared for and your hives are well maintained. However, securing these essentials can prove tricky if you’re unsure of where to start or what products you require. That’s why we designed a number of beekeeping kits for beginners, putting new beekeepers on the path to success right from the get-go. Our comprehensive kits contain everything you need for beekeeping success. Whether you’re looking for a basic single hive set-up, honey extraction tools, or even your first colony of bees, we have it all. Explore our full range of beekeeping kits for beginners below and find the exact products you need with Bob’s Beekeeping Supplies. 

Explore Our Range of Beekeeping Supplies for BeginnersToday!

Bob’s Beekeeping Supplies is a family-owned beekeeping business with over 15 years of industry experience. We have a real passion for our trade and are committed to helping beekeepers throughout Australia, providing them with everything they need for proper bee care and bee hive management. If you’re looking for high-quality clothing, beekeeping starter kits, professional equipment, and more, look no further! We offer a number of different beekeeping kits for beginners to help you manage your bee colonies and maintain happy hives. Shop our complete range of products today and make Bob’s Beekeeping Supplies your first choice for all your beekeeping needs!

Ready, Set, BUZZ Package
READY, SET, BUZZ PACKAGEThis is the bee's knees of kits and packages and includes it all for a beginner to commence the journey into beekeeping.It covers education, hiveware, protective gear and the bees themselves!All of the equipment is assembled and ready to go.This package includes - 1 ass..
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BEEKEEPER ESSENTIALS KIT WITH JACKET or OVERALLThis beginner's kit comprises the protective clothing and personal items that a beekeeper requires.Included in the kit are:- Your choice of Jacket or Overall (Both Fencing/sherriff style)- Gloves - calf skin with long gauntlet- Medium Sm..
Ex Tax:$113.64
BEEKEEPER SET UP KIT - COMPREHENSIVE KITA comprehensive beginner's kit comprising all the protective clothing and equipment the new beekeeper requires to start - in flat pack form, ready to be assembled.Included in the kit are:- Base 8 Frame with screws and tacks- 8 Frame..
Ex Tax:$454.55
DOUBLE BOX HIVE KIT - Available in 8 or 10 Frame This ready to assemble kit is the ideal starter hive for beginning beekeepers. The kit consists of:- 1 Base with screws and tacks- 1 Brood Box & 1 Super - 1 Lid with colourbond metal top- 1 Heavy duty Hive Mat for inside lid- a me..
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SINGLE BOX HIVE KIT - available in both 8 and 10 frame Ready to assemble, this kit is the ideal starter hive for beginning beekeepers.The kit consists of:- 1 Base Frame with screws and tacks- 1 Brood box - 1 Lid- galvanised metal top- Heavy duty Hive Mat for inside lid- 8 or..
Ex Tax:$186.36
FRAME MAKING KIT Kit contains all the tools and pieces necessary to make 16 full depth frames (or 20 if you select 10 frame option).The set consists of:- 16 frames, unassembled- 16 sheets of wax foundation- Wire, stainless steel 500g- Eyelets, Brass, 80g- Nails, for assemblin..
Ex Tax:$122.73
EXTRACTION KIT - BASICSufficient for the beginner to start extracting honey from frames.The kit consists of:- Uncapping Knife, manual- Scratcher, straight needles- Strainer, with 2 grades of stainless steel filter- Pail, 20L food grade plastic with 4cm honey gate- Pai..
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Queen Rearing Kit Queen Rearing Kit
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QUEEN REARING KIT This kit contains the items needed to successfully raise queens. The kit contains: - Queen cells x 100 - Frame for attaching queen cells x1 (requires assembly) - Grafter, plastic x 3- Grafter, stainless steel x 1- Queen holders x 2 (plastic)- Queen holders x 2 (metal)- Queen..
Ex Tax:$104.55
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