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Single Box Hive Kit

Single Box Hive Kit

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Single Box Hive Kit

SINGLE BOX HIVE KIT - available in both 8 and 10 frame 

Ready to assemble, this kit is the ideal starter hive for beginning beekeepers.

The kit consists of:

- 1 Base Frame with screws and tacks

- 1 Brood box

- 1 Lid- galvanised metal top

- Heavy duty Hive Mat for inside lid

- 8 or 10 frames ready to be made up

- 8 or 10 sheets of wax foundation

- Nails and screws for super

- Nails for frames

- Tacks

- Wire for frames 

- Emlock with metal strapping

- Eyelets

- The Australian Beekeeping Manual

Requires assembly and painting. Does not come with bees. 

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