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Note that due to its design this particular veil is suitable for teens and more slightly built adults.

Heavy framed or taller people will find the veil uncomfortable as there will be insufficient space between the top of the head and arm holes.

The arm holes and the base of the veil are elasticised.

Measurement from top of veil to top of armhole is 33cm.

The vest length from the point it joins the veil to its elasticised bottom is 24cm.

Type 2 - FENCING STYLE - Mesh Vest 

A practical secure veil

Can be worn over or under a suitable protective jacket or for the for experienced beekeeper worn over a light top.

The net vest measures 44 cm from where it joins the veil down to an elasticised waist.

The fencing style top of the veil to the high shoulder point measures 26 cm.

Type 3 - SQUARE - Requires Hat - Fabric neck guard

Veil fits over the crown of a hat. It has an elasticised opening for this purpose.

Features a face mask made of wire mesh as are the sides and back.

The bottom of the veil is elasticised and made of a poly/cotton mix fabric.

The veil ties around the torso to prevent it being knocked off while in use.

Folds flat for storage.

Type 4 - SQUARE - Requires Hat - Mesh neck guard 

The veil has an elasticised top that fits over the crown of a hat.

Features a wire mesh face mask, sides and back.

The rest of the veil is made of yellow synthetic netting.

Long ties to enable Veil to be secured around the wearer’s torso to prevent it being accidentally knocked off during use.

Folds flat for storage.

Type 5 - FENCING STYLE - with fabric shoulder 

Fencing style veil with poly/cotton bib which is worn over shoulders.

Both the armholes and chest grip are elasticised.

The measurement from the top of the veil to the bottom of the chest bib are 50 cm.

The arm holes measure 34 cm when the elastic is stretched.

Type 6 - SQUARE with Attached Hat 

A practical veil with a wire mesh face screen and a soft hat.

The base is made of polyester net from which long ties are attached to enable the wearer to secure the veil to prevent it being accidentally knocked off during use.

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