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Varroa management

Varroa management
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Varroa management

Varroa management: A practical guide on how to manage Varroa mites in honey bee colonies

By Kirsty Stainton (UK author)

This is a very clear and accessible guide to Varroa treatments. The guide covers;

  • Why Varroa mites are such serious pest of honey bees.
  • How to spot signs that a honey bee colony is carrying a high mite burden
  • How to perform regular monitoring for Varro mites.
  • How to choose the correct treatment for the time of year and colony conditions.
  • The precise methods for applying any treatment on the (UK) market, including specific methods for treating nucs.
  • How to use husbandry techniques to manage mites without the need for chemicals, with step by step guides.
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