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Beekeeper Set Up Kit - Comprehensive Starter Kit

Beekeeper Set Up Kit - Comprehensive Starter Kit


A comprehensive beginner's kit comprising all the protective clothing and equipment the new beekeeper requires to start - in flat pack form, ready to be assembled.

Included in the kit are:

- Base 8 Frame with screws and tacks

- 8 Frame brood box (flat pack)

- 8 Frame super box (flat pack)

- Lid (flat pack)

- Heavy duty Hive mat

- 16 Frames ready to be assembled

- 16 Sheets of wax foundation

- Queen excluder, stainless steel

- Jacket, Fencing/Sherriff style

- Gloves with long gauntlet

- Smoker, medium American design

- Uncapping knife

- Scratcher

- Queen marking cage

- Queen marking pen

- Bee brush, nylon hairs

- J-Tool

- Nails and screws for super

- Nails for frames

- Tacks for frames

- Wire, stainless steel

- Eyelets

- Eyelet tool

- Emlock cradle

- Emlock strapping

- The Australian Beekeeping Manual

Kit can also be ordered in 10 frame size.

If you purchase this kit you can add the beginner course at 10% off! 

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