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Hive help

Hive help
Hive help


Do you need some assistance managing your hive? A part-time mentor? Someone to do your first inspection?

Or perhaps you would like to gain the confidence to inspect and manage your hives on your own by having someone there to assist and encourage during a few hive inspections?

Whatever you may need we can assist with "Hive help"!

A standard single hive inspection is approximately 1-1.5 hours depending on what we find, with time charged per half hour after the first hive inspection (or after 1.5 hours whichever comes first).

Additional options include: AFB / EFB test, Sugar shake, written report

Travel to and from the hive is charged in 15 minute increments @ $11. This is calculated using time travelled between 54 Gills Rd, Watsons Creek and the hive. For a good estimate on travel time to and from the hive, please use Google Maps.

Call to arrange a time that will satisfy your needs and availability. 

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