Beekeeping is an enjoyable, relaxing and accessible hobby that has recently undergone resurgence. Learn what is involved in keeping your own hive of bees during this informative session.

This short yet informative session will provide participants with the information necessary to decide if beekeeping is a hobby that they would like to take up. The taster will not include practical work involving live bees or opening a hive for an inspection. It is perfect for community groups like Probus and gardening groups as well as individuals who would just like to know a little more about bees and beekeeping.

The session will cover the following:

  • Why keep bees?
  • Who keeps bees?
  • The life cycle of bees
  • Parts of the hive
  • Locating the hive
  • Inspecting the hive
  • Harvesting honey
  • Children and bees
  • Animals and bees
  • Where do I get bees from?
  • Pests & diseases
  • The rules
  • Questions

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