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GLOVE - COW SKIN WITH GAUNTLETStrong cow skin glove and gauntlet with an elasticised top which importantly prevents bees crawling down the glove.We use the following method to calculate glove sizing - begin by measuring your middle or longest finger from the point where it joins your palm to it..
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STAINLESS STEEL MESHThis stainless steel mesh is ideal for adding ventilation to hives. It can be used to construct your own vented bases which could help hive health by reducing moisture in the hive and allowing debris and pest to fall out of the hive. It has a 3.33mm aperture (openings) and 0.9mm ..
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ULTRA BEE POLLEN SUBSTITUTEUltra Bee by Mann Lake is a high protein complete bee feed with 58% crude protein. Ultra Bee provides the highest amount of protein available in a dry feed. Use Ultra Bee to build colonies in late winter or early spring to prepare for pollination or any time to maintain/ i..
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GIFT VOUCHERNOMINATE THE AMOUNT YOU WISH TO SPENDAvailable for the beekeeper in your life when you are not sure what to buy.A voucher takes away the risk out of buying something someone may not need or want.WE CAN PERSONALISE FOR EVENTS  eg Christmas, Easter, Birthday etc - let us know in the c..
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Hive Stand
HIVE STANDMade locally from hardwood for long lasting quality.Dimensions of rebate for hive base are 52.2 x 36cm Note stand does not come with the base shown in picture - it is for demonstration purpose only...
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VEILType 1 - FENCING STYLE - BUDGET Note that due to its design this particular veil is suitable for teens and more slightly built adults.Heavy framed or taller people will find the veil uncomfortable as there will be insufficient space between the top of the head and arm holes.The arm hole..
Ex Tax:$9.09
GAITERSA durable and strong covering around your ankle to help keep bees from getting in! Easy to put on and provide almost complete protection to your ankles.One size...
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HIVE MAT Heavy duty hive mat that rests on top of the frames in the uppermost box.It discourages workers from building burr comb in the lid.Note : hive box and frames not included..
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Overall (Clearance)
Overall - Fencing style with brass zipperMade of good quality cotton with a small percentage of polyester this overall has a brass zipper down the front and at the ankles. The zip runs the length of the front of the garment from the crotch to a point inside the protective hood. The front zip..
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Jacket (Clearance)
JACKET - FENCING STYLE VEILLight poly cotton jacket with a fencing style hood.Both the wrists and bottom of jacket are elasticised.ONLY available in XS..
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GLOVE - VENTED WRIST Calfskin Gauntlet glove with vented wrist. Top of gauntlet is elasticised. We use the following method to calculate glove sizing - begin by measuring your middle or longest finger from the point where it joins your palm to its tip. Then measure the circumference around your pal..
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BASE FOR HIVE The base has a Weathertex floor with 2 treated pine cleats for support.Supplied in kit form and requires assembly.Kit comprises Weathertex base board, 2 treated pine cleats, 3 pieces of riser.Weathertex has a 25 year manufacturer's guarantee.N.B. When assembled..
Ex Tax:$20.91
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