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If you are a Club, business or on-selling customer who cannot be bothered with the effort and expense involved in importing protective clothing feel free to contact us.We offer excellent discounts for large orders of either overalls or jackets. The larger the volume of your order the greater the..
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Frames - wired
FROM $2.50
FRAMES - WIRED - FULL DEPTH, WSP & IDEAL AVAILABLEWSP and Ideal frames from $2.50 (when bought in boxes of 40). Full depth frames from $4.00 (in boxes of 10).Available as single frame or boxes. Come assembled and wired.Cheaper rates for large quantities - please call to enquire...
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PAILSFood grade clear plastic pail with a yellow lid.500g pail is illustrated on the right of the picture and has no handle. 1kg pail comes with handle.Available in lots of 10 pails or by box of 200.500g square plastic container also available...
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SADDLE SOAPThis product is fabulous for cleaning leather goods and in a beekeeper's world our leather gloves are often needing this!Australian owned and made, this product has stood the test of time..
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BASE - ASSEMBLED, WAX DIPPED & PAINTED Base ready-made, hot dipped in wax and pre-painted white.Hot dipping ensures the box is durable in all weather conditions.Product only includes a base. Does not include a lid or brood box as shown in the photograph. Note colours only avail..
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FLAT PACK FRAMES - FULL DEPTH, WSP & IDEAL AVAILABLEQueensland Hoop Pine frames - strong wood, easy to put together.4 pieces: top, bottom and 2 side bars require assembly.Pre drilled eyelet holes in side bars.Frame Depth for Full size is 230mmWSP is an increasingly popular choice for..
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PAIL - 20LLarge 20L Food grade plastic pail with hand. Very useful for honey storage. Additional option of nylon gate allows for easy decanting of honey into smaller pails and jars.Note - colour of gate may vary to that shown...
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BASE - VENTILATED - STAINLESS STEEL MESHVented for extra air circulation and to assist bees to keep hive clean. Also assists with pest control...
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FRAME MAKING BOARD Frame making boards make the assembly of frames and the attachment of wax much easier.The board is designed to sit inside a full size frame allowing the frame wire to rest on the board, thus pressing down on the sheet of wax.With this slight pressure between the wire and..
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FRAME MAKING KIT Kit contains all the tools and pieces necessary to make 16 full depth frames (or 20 if you select 10 frame option).The set consists of:- 16 frames, unassembled- 16 sheets of wax foundation- Wire, stainless steel 500g- Eyelets, Brass, 80g- Nails, for assemblin..
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HONEY TANK WITH GATE - STAINLESS STEEL Container is made of food quality, heavy grade stainless steel Lid clamps fasten down to make the container air tight.Riveted Handles and lid clamps.  Located at the bottom of the tank the gate allows for easy decanting of honey into smaller containers. ..
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BASE - PLASTIC - VENTILATEDA strong almost indestructible base which will never rot.Can be used underneath either a wooden or plastic hive box.Vented for extra air circulation and to assist bees to keep hive clean. Made in Victoria...
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