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Sloping Lid An attractive lid particularly for hives used as a garden feature. Made of weathertex the lids provide superior insulation and ventilation during both the summer and winter. The telescopic design of the lid ensures that it fits over the hive box providing superior weather protection. The..
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Battery Charger
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BATTERY CHARGER12 Volt battery charger can be used to attach foundation wax sheets to frame wire.Using the battery charger current to heat the frame wire enables the wax to slightly melt and attach the foundation to the wire.Best used with stainless steel wire and a current limiting ..
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LID - TELESCOPICPartially assembled, these telescopic lids are more effective than standard migratory lids in offering protection to the hive and bees from rain.Comes with a metal galvanised cover. The wooden parts of the lid require painting before use. ..
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Mead Bottle
MEAD BOTTLE700ml basquaises flint bottle with cork for storing mead..
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EXTRACTOR - 3 or 4 FRAME MANUALQuality extractor is made of food quality stainless steel.The extractor is fitted with plastic covers to stop honey escaping during extraction, and also uses strong metal gears closed inside a protective cover.The unit has a top crank mechanism and comes in either 3 or..
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HIVE BOX - FLAT PACK Hive box, full depth. Radiata pine.Rebated joints, strong and easy to assemble.Holds 8 or 10 full size frames. Can be used as either brood box or honey super.Comes as a kit (4 pieces) and requires assembly. ..
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Resistor - 2 Ohms
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RESISTOR This high quality electrical resistor is used to limit the current drawn by a battery charger when attaching wax to frame wire.Without attaching a resistor to one of the leads of the power supply, the frame wire can draw too much current and burn out the wire.Resistor is rated at 2 ..
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WAX PRESSThis is a traditional method of extracting honey from honeycomb.In this method, a lot of coarser wax particles are retained inside the press...
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A WORLD WITHOUT BEES - USA By Allison BenjaminHoneybees are dying. In America, one in three hives was left lifeless at the beginning of 2008. In France, the death rate was more than 60 per cent. In Britain, a government minister warned that honey bees could be extinct within a decade. A th..
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AgGuide - Honey: harvesting and extraction - AustraliaPublished by the NSW Department of Primary Industries, TOCAL College as part of their popular and informative AgGuide seriesThis book informs beekeepers of best practices so that their hard work results in a product of optimum qua..
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Australian native bees - NSW DPI, AustraliaCombining the substantial expertise of many of Australia's leading native bee researchers, this book is a guide to observing and keeping Australia's broad range of native bee species.Table of contents:Bee biology and behaviourBee..
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