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FRUITLESS FALL - USA By Rowan JacobsenIn 2007 US beekeepers watched as 30 billion bees mysteriously died. They continue to disappear. The remaining bees essential to cultivation of a third of American crops are trucked across the country and flown around the world pushing them ever closer..
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HEALTHY BEES: managing pests, diseases and other disorders of the honey beeAUSTRALIANSW Department of Primary Industries.This is an excellent book on the identification and treatment of both Australian and exotic pests and diseases of the honey bee. Contains many photographs allowing yo..
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HIVE BOX (SUPER / BROOD) - ASSEMBLED, WAX DIPPED & PAINTEDHive box ready-made, hot dipped in wax and pre-painted white.Hot dipping and painting while wax hot ensures the box is durable in all weather conditions. Rebated corners.Full depth for use as either brood or super box.Ideal d..
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HONEY BEE HOBBYIST: The care and keeping of bees - USA By Norman GaryBee keeping isn't just for the professional farmer - bees can be kept in any situation from the simple backyard patio and garden to large expanses of farm land. This comprehensive and attractive beekeeping guide, from Hob..
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Honey for Health & Beauty
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HONEY FOR HEALTH AND BEAUTY - USA by The National Honey Board USADiscover the proven and powerful health, beauty and healing properties of nature's miracle medicine: honey. For millions of years, bees have worked tirelessly to create nature's miracle medicine: honey. In this important book, th..
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How To Keep Bees And Sell Honey By Walter T. Kelley - USAAn older book that keeps being reprinted due the soundness of the advice given to new beekeepers. The main things have change little if at all, such as the bees' and the hives. Reading this book gives you an idea of how beekeeping has ..
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KEEPING BEES AND MAKING HONEY - UK By Alison Benjamin & Brian McCallumGreat photos, information, practical advice, recipes and gardening tips - a useful book for the aspiring beekeeper...
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Making Mead
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Making MeadBy Acton & Duncan - UKOnce the drink of choice for Viking marauders and medieval kings, mead is enjoying a renaissance in popularity. The "nectar of the gods" is easy to make at home. This practical guidebook will inspire you to take up the craft, with a basic guide to mead-ma..
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Plants and Planting Plans for a Bee Garden: How to Design Beautiful Borders That Will Attract BeesBy Maureen Little - USAFor many people gardening is predominantly about plants and choosing the right combination and balance to make beautiful borders. This book will help you achieve this - and more, ..
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Rearing Queen Honey Bees
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Rearing Queen Honey BeesBy Roger A. Morse - USAThis starter queen rearing book is perfect for hobby and sideline beekeepers. Rearing Queen Honey Bees book includes work with mating in areas that have African bees. Clear and well illustrated in black and white. While this book does not includ..
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Robbing the Bees: a biography of honey
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ROBBING THE BEES: A biography of honey - USA By Holley BishopA great book - a biography, history, celebration and love letter to bees and their magical produce. Each chapter combines the daily round of the beekeeping business, its lively science, culture and lore with the business and gast..
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Starting Out with Natives: Easy to grow plants for your area
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STARTING OUT WITH NATIVES: Easy to grow plants for your area - AUSTRALIA By Wrigley & FaggWhether you are a beginner or a seasoned gardener, this book will help you choose species to suit your area and your garden. The plants featured have been selected for different zones around Austr..
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