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THE BEE BOOK: Beekeeping in Australia - AUSTRALIA By Peter Warhurst & Roger GoebelWritten and compiled by beekeepers who are also apiary officers of the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, Queensland. The book draws on their personal experience as well as over 100 years of ..
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THE BEE BOOK - Australia By Ann CliffFrom a local Victorian author, covers Beekeeping Basics, Harvesting Honey, Beeswax, Candles and other Bee Business. A great introduction to beekeeping or gift for someone beginning to think about keeping bees...
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The Bee: A Natural History
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THE BEE : A Natural history - USABy Noah Wilson-RichBees pollinate more than 130 fruit, vegetable, and seed crops that we rely on to survive. Bees are crucial to the reproduction and diversity of flowering plants, and the economic contributions of these irreplaceable insects measure in t..
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THE MIRACLE OF HONEY: practical tips for health, home and beauty - UK By Dr Penny StanwayThe Miracle of Honey is a compact yet comprehensive and authoritative guide to honey, with helpful information on every possible way to use this wonderful product of nature - not only in cooking but al..
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The Quest for the Perfect Hive: A History of Innovation in Bee C
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THE QUEST FOR THE PERFECT HIVE : A History of Innovation in Bee Culture - USABy Gene KritskyFrom Publishers WeeklyIn this charming book, entomology professor Kritsky (who describes himself as "stung with the love of bees") incorporates material gathered over decades, from all over th..
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Top-Bar Beekeeping: Organic Practices for Honeybee Health
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TOP-BAR BEEKEEPING:Organic Practices for Honeybee Health - UK By Crowder & HarrellIn recent years beekeepers have had to face tremendous challenges, from pests such as varroa and tracheal mites and from the mysterious but even more devastating phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disord..
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Understanding Bee Anatomy - a full colour guide
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UNDERSTANDING BEE ANATOMY: A full colour guide - UK By Ian Stell.This book explains the structure of this fascinating insect and secondly, through stunning images, to reveal the insects intricate detail. Medical doctor Ian Stell has applied his knowledge of the human body in describing the..
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WIREUsed to construct bee frames.Stainless Steel is more resistant to corrosion than galvanised wire and will last many years in the hive frames without corrosion.Galvanised steel is a lot more resistant to stretching than stainless steel wire although it can be corroded by honey...
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Wisdom of the Bees
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WISDOM OF THE BEES - AustraliaBy Erik BerrevoetsWhile the benefits of Steiner's research into agriculture and education are increasingly recognized, his research into the nature of bees has had limited impact on beekeeping practices and on our general understanding of nature. Wisdom of ..
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A Book of Bees
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A Book of Bees - Sue Hubbell - USA"The real masterwork that Sue Hubbell has created is her life," David Quammen wrote in the New York Times. This book is, like its author, a unique achievement. Weaving a vivid portrait of her own life and her bees' lives through the seasons, Hubbell writes "..
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A Practical Manual of Beekeeping
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A PRACTICAL MANUAL OF BEEKEEPING - UK By David CrampHow to Keep Bees and Develop your Full Potential as an apiarist. A fascinating hobby: a remunerative business: or a career?..
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Apis Through the Looking Glass
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Apis Through the Looking Glass - Graham Royle - UKA good book for young people to learn about honey bees. Contains many photographs taken through a microscope of the different parts of the bee...
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