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Health and healing with bee products
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Health and healing with bee productsBy C. Leigh Broadhurst - USABeehive products are nutritional and medicinal powerhouses - the ultimate "nutraceuticals." They are effectively used for hundreds of reasons from helping to alleviate allergies, fatigue, and impotence to recovery from illness a..
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Hive Management: A seasonal guide for beekeepers
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HIVE MANAGEMENT - A Seasonal Guide for Beekeepers - UK By Richard E BonneyThe beekeeper's year begins with a late winter hive inspection and ends with putting the bees to bed in the autumn. Bonney believes that each activity should be performed with an eye toward the overall well-being of..
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HIVE TOOL 1) Australian J Tool - Convenient to use, made of spring steel, can't be bent.Sharp edge for cutting off beeswax and prizing open hives.2) Long - At 39cms this extra-long hive tool allows for greater flexibility and leverage than the standard model. There are two levering heads at th..
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Honey: More Than 75 Delicious & Healthy Recipes
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Honey: More Than 75 Delicious & Healthy Recipes By Avner Laskin - USAMmm... Honey Bears love it and bees work hard to make it. Indulge your taste buds with more than 75 recipes that use this golden goodness in diverse and delicious ways. You'll learn how to transform even familiar e..
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Honey: natures golden healer
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HONEY: Nature's Golden Healer - USA By Gloria HavenhandA comprehensive introduction to the nectar of the gods. With increasing numbers of people ditching drugs for natural healing, Honey: Nature s Golden Healer is a timely look at how the beehive can help us look and feel better. Highlight..
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Honey: the gourmet medicine
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HONEY: the gourmet medicine - USA By TraynorThis book describes the medicinal benefits of honey in treating a variety of maladies. The unique antibacterial properties of honey are stressed. Different varieties and flavors of honey are described.A comprehensive and thorough book on honey. F..
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Introduction to Australian Native Bees
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Introduction to Australian Native BeesWritten by Dr. Anne Dollin, a well known expert on Australian native bees.This concise and easy to read booklet gives a good overview of the major native bees found in eastern Australia. ..
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KEEPING THE BEES: Why All Bees Are at Risk and What We Can Do to Save Them - USABy Laurence PackerFrom the jungles of South America to the deserts of Arizona, one thing remains consistent: bees are disappearing. A world without bees would be much less colourful, with fewer flowers. But t..
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Natural Beekeeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture
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NATURAL BEEKEEPING: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture - USABy Ross ConradThe various chemicals used in beekeeping have, for the past decades, held Varroa Destructor, a mite, and other major pests at bay, but chemical resistance is building and evolution threatens to overtake the be..
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Queen Rearing Kit Queen Rearing Kit
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QUEEN REARING KIT This kit contains the items needed to successfully raise queens. The kit contains: - Queen cells x 100 - Frame for attaching queen cells x1 (requires assembly) - Grafter, plastic x 3- Grafter, stainless steel x 1- Queen holders x 2 (plastic)- Queen holders x 2 (metal)- Queen..
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Super Formulas: Arts and Crafts
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Super Formulas: Arts and Crafts By Elaine C. White - USHow to make more than 360 useful products that contain honey and beeswaxStep-by-step directions for making and using each productMail order sources listed for all ingredientsIncludes patterns for "Honey Bear" and "Wor..
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Sweetness & Light: The Mysterious History of the Honeybee
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SWEETNESS & LIGHT: The mysterious history of the honeybee - USA By Hattie Ellis.Sweetness and Light is the fascinating story of bees and honey from the Stone Age to the contemporary cutting edge; from Nepalese honey hunters to urban hives on the rooftops of New York City. Honey is natu..
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