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HEXAGON Wooden hexagon shape.Dimensions: Each of the 6 panels is 15cm x 11cm and 5mm thickTypical overall dimensions are 26cm high and 30cm wide..
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HIVE HELPDo you need some assistance managing your hive? A part-time mentor? Someone to do your first inspection?Or perhaps you would like to gain the confidence to inspect and manage your hives on your own by having someone there to assist and encourage during a few hive inspections?Whatever you ma..
Ex Tax:$100.00
BUDGET HONEY GATEDiameter of gates is 4cm.Nylon - Made from food grade plastic, with a silicon seal and stainless steel screws. ..
$5.00 $10.00
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HONEYBEE DEMOCRACYby Thomas D Seeley"Honeybee democracy is a wonderful book, beautifully written and illustrated, about humanity's greatest friend among the insects. The honeybee is important not only for its role in agriculture but for what it has taught us concerning the fundamental nature of comp..
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LIP BALM POT25g clear plastic cosmetic tub/pot. ..
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Mead Goblet
MEAD GOBLETBeautiful ceramic goblets, perfect for mead drinking!Sold in pairs...
Ex Tax:$18.18
MEASURING CUPSDavis & Waddell Ceramic stackable hive measuring cups (each set of 4)1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and 1 cup..
Ex Tax:$21.82
MEASURING SPOONSDavis & Waddell Ceramic bee measuring spoons (each set of 4)..
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NIFTY NATIVE BEESBy Rebecca JohnsonA Kids book..
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NUC PICK UP TIMEYou only need to select a single time even if you are picking up multiple nucs.The options you have are:1) 5 frame nuc only ($230 after $50 deposit)2) 5 frame nuc + single frame feeder + 2 waxed frames = ready for installation into 8 frame hive ($250 after $50 deposit)..
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NUCLEUS ENTRANCE DISC SMALL Useful disc to add a variable entrance to a nucleus box.Three settings: Queen excluder, ventilation holes or wide open. Diameter is 5 cms...
$2.00 $5.00
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Nucleus Hive - Flat pack
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NUCLEUS HIVE - FLAT PACKA 5-frame nucleus box which comes in flat pack form to be assembled.Indispensable piece of hive ware in the Spring for collecting swarms or building smaller colonies...
Ex Tax:$50.00
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