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THE LITTLE BOOK OF BEES - AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO THE EXTRAORDINARY LIVES OF BEESby Hillary Kearney. Illustrated by Amy HollidayBees first appeared on Earth an incredible 130 million years ago. Since the time of the dinosaurs, evolution has taken these amazing creatures on a remarkable journey, and ..
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THE PRACTICAL BEEKEEPER - BEEKEEPING NATURALLY Volumes I, II & III by Michael BushThis book is about how to keep bees in a natural and practical system where they do not require treatments for pests and diseases and only minimal interventions. It is also about simple practical beekeeping. It is..
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DOUBLE BOX HIVE KIT - Available in 8 or 10 Frame This ready to assemble kit is the ideal starter hive for beginning beekeepers. The kit consists of:- 1 Base with screws and tacks- 1 Brood Box & 1 Super - 1 Lid with colourbond metal top- 1 Heavy duty Hive Mat for inside lid- a me..
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OVERALL - FENCING STYLE - COTTON Made of strong washable pre-shrunk 30/70 polyester cotton powerloom fabric.The garment has elasticised waist, wrist and ankles.The overall has YKK zips in both the hood and the body of the garment.Features a fencing (Sherriff style) hood which can be..
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SINGLE BOX HIVE KIT - available in both 8 and 10 frame Ready to assemble, this kit is the ideal starter hive for beginning beekeepers.The kit consists of:- 1 Base Frame with screws and tacks- 1 Brood box - 1 Lid- galvanised metal top- Heavy duty Hive Mat for inside lid- 8 or..
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AGGUIDE - POLLINATION USING HONEY BEESby NSW Department of Primary IndustriesThis book informs beekeepers who are considering supplying honey bees for pollination to plant industries such as almonds.It includes how to:- identify ideal foraging conditions for honey bees- assess risks to bees at the p..
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AGGUIDE - QUEEN BEE BREEDINGBy NSW Department of Primary IndustriesWhether your goal is to rear a few queen bees or thousands, this manual provides the basic knowledge and instruction to get you started and can be applied to beekeeping operations ranging from several thousand colonies to one or two...
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These feet screw under your hive base to stop ants entering your beehive. You place any kind of oil in the bottom bowl and keep the top cover 5mm above the bottom bowl. They are easy to assemble and made of 304 Stainless Steel.Price is for a set of 4 feet, note screws for attachment to hive are not ..
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BEE PINS Plastic bee with a metal pin.Looks good on candles or can be used in craft work.Price is for 10 pins...
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Bees - National Geographic Kids
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BEES - NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDSWhat's that buzzing around? It's a busy bee! With beautiful, engaging, and authentic photos, and accessible text, kids will learn all about these incredible insects in this level 2 reader...
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BEES OF AUSTRALIA - A PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPLORATIONby James DoreyThere are an estimated 2000 to 3000 bee species in Australia, yet we know very little about the vast majority of these and there are many that are yet to be described.Bees of Australia introduces some of our incredible native bees, ma..
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EMLOCKEmlocks are used to strap a hive together when there is potential for it to be knocked or if the hive is to be moved.Emlocks are strong, made of galvanised steel and can be left out in the weather all year without corroding.Length of strap is suitable for strapping together up to 3 supers.Type..
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