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BUDGET EMBEDDING WHEEL Wire or wax embedding wheels are used when assembling frames to attach sheets of foundation to wire.For best results, slightly heat the brass wheel in hot water and then press the wire into the wax while rolling the wheel across the length of the sheet...
$6.00 $10.00
Ex Tax:$5.45
BUDGET HONEY GATEDiameter of gates is 4cm.Nylon - Made from food grade plastic, with a silicon seal and stainless steel screws. ..
$5.00 $10.00
Ex Tax:$4.55
NUCLEUS ENTRANCE DISC SMALL Useful disc to add a variable entrance to a nucleus box.Three settings: Queen excluder, ventilation holes or wide open. Diameter is 5 cms...
$2.00 $5.00
Ex Tax:$1.82
JACKET - VENTILATED - FENCING STYLE HOOD A beekeeper’s dream during hot weather the jacket is assembled from two layers of light breathable fabric with an open weave rubber core in between.The layered fabric minimises stings and the jacket assists the beekeeper in keeping cool for long periods ..
$99.00 $125.00
Ex Tax:$90.00
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