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Liquid Bee Smoke

Liquid Bee Smoke
Liquid Bee Smoke


Liquid Bee Smoke is made from a concentrated liquid which is added to water, and then used in replacement for the traditional smoker.

The small sachet is added to 4 litres of water in a spray trigger bottle (that is used for misting plant leaves with water).

You can let it sit for a month before using or if required immediately combine with only one litre of water.

Spearmint oil is added to make the bees even gentler.

Spray this mixture on your bees and you will be amazed at how calm they become.

The puffs of spray are used in a similar fashion to the way smoke is used.

Ideal for use during total fire ban days since there is no heat or flame used.

Also very handy for swarm collections and cut outs from areas that are susceptible to flames ie: flamable surfaces and chemical storage areas. 

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