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Nucleus- Bee Hive Starter Kit (Deposit)

Nucleus- Bee Hive Starter Kit (Deposit)
Nucleus- Bee Hive Starter Kit (Deposit)


Are you looking for a colony of bees to get you started or to grow your apiary?

Our Nucleus (aka Nuc) Kits have what you need to get a new Bee hive buzzing. The kit includes a strong 5 frame Nucelus colony of bees (bees, queen, honey and pollen resources), 2 extra wax embedded frames, a frame feeder, and all the instructions & support you need to install and begin caring for your new bees. The nuc will have a combination of brood, pollen and honey stores with a fully mated laying queen along with plenty of busy buzzing bees! These Nuc kits are perfect to move into a new Langstroth or Flow Hive. Special request Kenyan Top Bar Hive Nucs are available by prior arrangement.  

We love helping new beekeepers feel confident and supported in bringing their nucs home and are happy to answer all your questions. If you'd like more training or hands on support from us we also offer Beginner Beekeeping Courses as well as Hive Help services (where we can come out to you and bring you through an inspection of your hive). If you are getting started in beekeeping for the first time you should see if our Ready, Set, Buzz kit would suit you. This has everything you need to get started including your nucleus, hive, suit, inspection tools, extraction equipment and the beginner course. 

Our nucleus hives are available through Spring and part of Summer each year. Give us a call to check our current availability and next available pick-up dates. Nucs are limited each season and can be pre-ordered through-out the year for Spring. 

Nuc Kits are $345. We require a $50 deposit (non-refundable) to secure your nucs with the remaining $295 as cash on pick-up. Marked queens can be arranged (additional $25). Hive registration with the Department of Agriculture is required, this is free of charge. See the department of Agriculture here.

For further information or to discuss ordering a nuc on 03 9719 7590.

Pick up is from Windjana (54 Gills Rd, Watsons Creek- 50 mins North East of Melbourne's CBD) typically first thing in the morning (pre-first flight) or late in the evening (once the bees have returned to the hive). Once exact available pick-up days are know we will be in touch to arrange your pick-up day and time.

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