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Ulster Observation Hive

Ulster Observation Hive
Ulster Observation Hive


The Uslter Hive is a portable observation hive that holds five frames inside the base and one frame displayed at the top. It is a wonderful tool for showing bees for education or at markets. There is a removable queen excluder that sits under the top observation frame, keeping the queen in view. Having a the five frames below allows you to display a larger amount of bees with less stress, more ability for them to regulate their temperature and a greater access to resources than a single display frame.

The hive can be observed from both sides through the plexiglass. Each side has a pull off wooden cover that keeps the bees dark when not being displayed. The bottom section has an entrance dial, allowing a small colony to be kept in the hive for longer periods if necessary and opened on in days when they are not being transported and observed. The hive is well vented with venting in the top, base, sides of the top section, and avilable on the entrance dial. 

These hives are handmade locally out of a beautiful hardwood with red gum details (covers are plywood) and then varnished.

The top is secured with a screw on each side, the clasps holding the top section to the bottom can be scured with clips on padlocks, and the entrance dial can be secured from turning by tightening down the center screw. 

The hive fits full depth Langstroth frames (6 in total). 

Does not come with frames- shown for demonstration only.

These hives are handmade with limited stock avilable. 

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