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BEE NIGHT LIGHTProjector Star Buzz Bumble Bee Night LightHas an On / Off & Colour Mode change Touch SensorChoose from 3 colour modes - Orange, Green or Blue stars!..
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JUNIOR BEEKEEPING SUITChildren's overall with fencing style hood.Hood will zip off for easy laundering. Do not place hood in washing machine as this will affect the net face mask.Sizes range from 7XS to Large. (Only sizes in stock will be available for selection below)Remember to..
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NIFTY NATIVE BEESBy Rebecca JohnsonA Kids book..
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Honey Bee BuzzChilds game. Collect the honey, but don't wake the bee!!Appropriate age is 6 years...
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GLOVE - COW SKIN WITH GAUNTLETStrong cow skin glove and gauntlet with an elasticised top which importantly prevents bees crawling down the glove.We use the following method to calculate glove sizing - begin by measuring your middle or longest finger from the point where it joins your palm to it..
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Apis Through the Looking Glass
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Apis Through the Looking Glass - Graham Royle - UKA good book for young people to learn about honey bees. Contains many photographs taken through a microscope of the different parts of the bee...
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