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ENTRANCE CLOSERSuits an 8 Frame hive.Great for sealing a hive during transport...
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NUCLEUS ENTRANCE DISC SMALL Useful disc to add a variable entrance to a nucleus box.Three settings: Queen excluder, ventilation holes or wide open. Diameter is 5 cms...
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These feet screw under your hive base to stop ants entering your beehive. You place any kind of oil in the bottom bowl and keep the top cover 5mm above the bottom bowl. They are easy to assemble and made of 304 Stainless Steel.Price is for a set of 4 feet, note screws for attachment to hive are not ..
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EMLOCKEmlocks are used to strap a hive together when there is potential for it to be knocked or if the hive is to be moved.Emlocks are strong, made of galvanised steel and can be left out in the weather all year without corroding.Length of strap is suitable for strapping together up to 3 supers.Type..
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QUEEN EXCLUDERPlastic - Strong, light, flexible plastic with rounded edge bars to protect worker bee wings.Metal excluders are electrically welded, precisely spaced wires that are edged (bound) with metal on all edges...
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FRAME FEEDER A large capacity 3.5 Litre frame feeder. Conveniently fits into the hive and is used to feed sugar syrup to the colony.This enables the colony to build up numbers quickly in the spring or to survive during a drought. Made of durable plastic, and includes a lid and two square cages for t..
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HIVE CLIP OR SPRING CLIP x 2 Spring clips are used to join boxes together so that they can be moved with minimal risk of bees escaping.The clips are easy to remove to allow inspection and are simply installed using 3 screws (see additional options to purchase).Made of galvanised spring ..
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Hive Fastener - PairHive fasteners are a convenient and easy way to join two supers together so they will not fall apart. These metal clips are strong, high quality, and are adjustable to ensure that they can be used to join different supers...
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NUC ENTRANCE DISC (LARGE)A large coloured plastic disk which can be used to regulate the entrance and exit of bees from a nucleus or similiar box.The disk has 4 opening settings which can be dialed as required.These are: queen excluder, drone excluder, ventilation holes which do not allow..
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NUC ENTRANCE DISC (MEDIUM)Useful disk to add a variable entrance to a nucleus box.Three settings: Queen excluder, ventilation holes or wide open.Diameter is 12.5 cms. Available in either metal or plastic...
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SLOTTED BOTTOM BOARD Placed between the base and the first brood box the board becomes a permanent part of the hive.The design of the board provides the following advantages to the beekeeper: - The longer entrance enables the guard bees to better defend the hive entrance against intruders - Th..
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SMALL HIVE BEETLE TRAP Small Hive Beetle Trap - Full Size: 22.5 cm longThe disposable or reusable plastic trap is inserted and held between frames after its reservoir is filled with vegetable oil.Beetles caught in the SHB trap can either be shaken out and the trap reused or the trap can b..
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