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TOP FEEDER This top feeder is used to provide sugar solution to bees to supplement their nectar gathering activities.Deep reservoir.Wire mesh and gutter guard supplied for open part of feeder. The feeder is made from raw, untreated wood. Before use the interior of the feeder needs to be..
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AFB/EFB Test kitThe American foulbrood (AFB) and European Foulbrood (EFB)  Test Kits allow beekeepers to test for AFB or EFB and obtain immediate results whilst still in the apiary...
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DIVISION BOARD The board can be used for several purposes including merging, splitting and feeding. Additional options are available - 1) entrance  (for vertical splitting)2) circle hole in the middle of the board with colourbond cover (can be opened allowing the two colonies to merge or for f..
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STAINLESS STEEL MESHThis stainless steel mesh is ideal for adding ventilation to hives. It can be used to construct your own vented bases which could help hive health by reducing moisture in the hive and allowing debris and pest to fall out of the hive. It has a 3.33mm aperture (openings) and 0.9mm ..
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HIVE MAT Heavy duty hive mat that rests on top of the frames in the uppermost box.It discourages workers from building burr comb in the lid.Note : hive box and frames not included..
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FRAME HOLDER FOR HIVE Frame holders ( 2 pieces) are attached to the side of a hive box and make inspecting frames much easier.Made of stainless steel they can easily be attached and then moved to the next hive for another inspection...
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ESCAPE/CLEARER BOARD -- 8 WAYAn efficient board used to remove the majority of bees from a super before frames are taken for extracting.Prior to extracting, place the clearer board between the super or supers to be removed and the brood box.Overnight most of the bees will have moved ..
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ESCAPE DISK - 8 WAYPlastic escape disk enables you to build your own 8 way escape board.8 way escapes are more efficient at removing bees from supers to be taken for honey extraction...
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ESCAPE/CLEARER BOARD - 4 WAY Clearer or Escape Boards are used prior to extraction to clear bees from the honey super.Place the board with the 4 galvanised escape corners face down towards the brood or other box that will not be removed.The other side of the board without the corners will be..
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ESCAPE CORNER - GALVANISED - 4 piecesThe bee escape is placed in the corner of escape boards so that the super can be emptied of bees prior to removing frames for honey extractionPrice listed is for 4 escapes, the number usually needed per escape board.The bee escapes are made of gal..
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BASE FIXINGS PACK Pack of 6 galvanised flathead screws and 12 tacks used to assemble either an 8-frame base or a 10-frame base.The flat head screws are used to attach the Weathertex board to bottom cleats.Tacks are used to attach the riser to the Weathertex board...
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CLEATS, HANDLE FOR SUPERIndispensable when lifting a heavy super the cleats are nailed or screwed onto a hive box.They provide excellent grip and better box balance...
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