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CLEATS, HANDLE FOR SUPERIndispensable when lifting a heavy super the cleats are nailed or screwed onto a hive box.They provide excellent grip and better box balance...
Ex Tax:$4.55
NAILS - BOX Nails for assembling supers and brood boxes. Cement coated for extra strength.Size 65mm x 2.8mm flat top nails. Base price is Per 150g (this is approx. 45 nails which is enough to construct a single box)LARGER QUANTITIES ALSO AVAILABLE..
Ex Tax:$4.00
SCREWS FOR HIVE BOXESGalvanised screws are used to assemble brood boxes, supers and nucleus hives. The length of the screw is 65mm to achieve maximum strength in the joins of the wood.Price per 50 pieces.LARGER QUANTITIES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST..
Ex Tax:$7.73
VENTS - GALVANISED STEELSuitable for use to vent hive lids or extra venting to nucleus hive boxes. Base price is for 4 pieces.Also available in lots of 50...
Ex Tax:$2.27
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