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Frames & Framemaking

EYELETS, BRASSMade of brass for durability.Used during frame making by inserting into the pre-drilled holes in frame side bars.Eyelets prevent wire cutting through and damaging side bars when frame is full of heavy honeycomb.Sold in the below quantities:20g, approximately 250 eyelets. 40g, appr..
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FRAME NAILSCement coated nails suitable for assembling frames. 30mm x 1.4mm flat top nails.The cement coat ensures a stronger bond between the top bar and the sides of the frame making them less likely to come apart. Price is per 300gLARGER QUANTITIES ALSO AVAILABLE..
Ex Tax:$5.00
FRAME TACKSZinc coated tacks, for finishing attachment of wire to frames.Also useful to attach riser to base board.Tack size 1.4mm x 20mm.Per 50gLARGER QUANTITIES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST..
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WIRE CRIMPERA strong crimper used to crimp tension into loose frame wire.Place the wire between the two metal wheels, squeezing the tool onto the wire. Draw the crimper the length of the wire. This will take up any slack ensuring that the wire is taught.The wheels are made of metal and will ..
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FRAME CLEANERThis handy frame cleaning tool is designed to make cleaning old frames easy and trouble free.A curved sharp end is used to clean old wax embedded in the top bar groove, while the serrated edge is used to clean wax from the wire.The design of the tool also enables it to..
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EYELET TOOLA handy tool for use when attaching eyelets onto frames.Thread 8 eyelets onto the tool and use the tool to push the eyelets into the pre-drilled holes in the frame.Makes assembly of frames a breeze as there is no longer any fiddling with small eyelets...
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WAX EMBEDDING WHEELWire or wax embedding wheels are used when assembling frames to attach sheets of foundation to wire.For best results, slightly heat the brass wheel in hot water and then press the wire into the wax while rolling the wheel across the length of the sheet...
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FRAME DISPLAY CASEThe perfect item to safely display a frame of honeycomb with bees when selling honey at the market or for educators showing younger children bees up close! Can also be used more permanently to display a wonderfully capped frame of honey in your home or business.These cases are hand..
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