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Super Formulas: Arts and Crafts
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Super Formulas: Arts and Crafts By Elaine C. White - USHow to make more than 360 useful products that contain honey and beeswaxStep-by-step directions for making and using each productMail order sources listed for all ingredientsIncludes patterns for "Honey Bear" and "Wor..
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The Smart Swarm
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The Smart Swarm: How to Work Efficiently, Communicate Effectively, and Make Better Decisions Using the Secrets of Flocks, Schools, and ColoniesBy Peter Miller - USAWhat ants, bees, fish, and smart swarms can teach about communication, organization, and decision-making. The modern world may b..
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WISDOM for BEEKEEPERS: 500 Tips for Successful Beekeeping
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WISDOM for BEEKEEPERS: 500 Tips for Successful BeekeepingBy James E. Trew - USAKeeping bees in your own backyard, whether out in the country or right in the heart of the city, is all the rage these days. In this delightful collection of 500 beekeeping tips, honeybee expert Jim Tew provides a..
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