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Bee-ginners Kits

Ready, Set, BUZZ Package
READY, SET, BUZZ PACKAGEThis is the bee's knees of kits and packages and includes it all for a beginner to commence the journey into beekeeping.It covers education, hiveware, protective gear and the bees themselves!All of the equipment is assembled and ready to go.This package includes - 1 ass..
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BEEKEEPER ESSENTIALS KIT WITH JACKET or OVERALLThis beginner's kit comprises the protective clothing and personal items that a beekeeper requires.Included in the kit are:- Your choice of Jacket or Overall (Both Fencing/sherriff style)- Gloves - calf skin with long gauntlet- Medium Sm..
Ex Tax:$113.64
BEEKEEPER SET UP KIT - COMPREHENSIVE KITA comprehensive beginner's kit comprising all the protective clothing and equipment the new beekeeper requires to start - in flat pack form, ready to be assembled.Included in the kit are:- Base 8 Frame with screws and tacks- 8 Frame..
Ex Tax:$454.55
DOUBLE BOX HIVE KIT - Available in 8 or 10 Frame This ready to assemble kit is the ideal starter hive for beginning beekeepers. The kit consists of:- 1 Base with screws and tacks- 1 Brood Box & 1 Super - 1 Lid with colourbond metal top- 1 Heavy duty Hive Mat for inside lid- a me..
Ex Tax:$272.73
SINGLE BOX HIVE KIT - available in both 8 and 10 frame Ready to assemble, this kit is the ideal starter hive for beginning beekeepers.The kit consists of:- 1 Base Frame with screws and tacks- 1 Brood box - 1 Lid- galvanised metal top- Heavy duty Hive Mat for inside lid- 8 or..
Ex Tax:$186.36
FRAME MAKING KIT Kit contains all the tools and pieces necessary to make 16 full depth frames (or 20 if you select 10 frame option).The set consists of:- 16 frames, unassembled- 16 sheets of wax foundation- Wire, stainless steel 500g- Eyelets, Brass, 80g- Nails, for assemblin..
Ex Tax:$122.73
EXTRACTION KIT - BASICSufficient for the beginner to start extracting honey from frames.The kit consists of:- Uncapping Knife, manual- Scratcher, straight needles- Strainer, with 2 grades of stainless steel filter- Pail, 20L food grade plastic with 4cm honey gate- Pai..
Ex Tax:$113.64
QUEEN REARING KIT This kit contains the items needed to successfully raise queens. The kit contains: - Queen cells x 100 - Frame for attaching queen cells x1 (requires assembly) - Grafter, plastic x 3- Grafter, stainless steel x 1- Queen holders x 2 (plastic)- Queen holders x 2 (metal)- Queen..
Ex Tax:$104.55
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