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Bob’s Beekeeping Supplies stocks an incredible range of products to suit your every need. From supplies for experienced beekeepers to beginner kits for those new to the trade to cute gifts for those who simply love bees, we’ll have what you’re looking for. We stock a number of beekeeping supplies to suit your needs, including comprehensive beekeeping starter kits, children’s books, novelty items, and more. As well as having an extensive list of beekeeping products and themed gifts, we also offer educational resources, such as beekeeping manuals, courses, workshops, insightful books, and more. Whether you’re looking for hive management supplies, gift ideas for a bee-loving friend, or information on the importance of bees and how to care for them, we can help.

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Bob’s Beekeeping Supplies is a family-owned beekeeping business with over 15 years of industry experience. We have a real passion for our trade and are committed to helping beekeepers throughout Australia, providing them with everything they need for proper bee care and bee hive management. If you’re looking for high-quality clothing, beekeeping supplies, and more, look no further! We offer a number of different products to help you manage your bee colonies and maintain happy hives. Shop our complete range today and make Bob’s Beekeeping Supplies your first choice for all your beekeeping needs!

SMOKER LIGHTER Handy lighter with long nose. Product supplied may differ slightly from that illustrated.Can be inserted deep into the smoker to make lighting easy, particularly in windy weather...
Ex Tax:$4.55
FRAME CLEANERThis handy frame cleaning tool is designed to make cleaning old frames easy and trouble free.A curved sharp end is used to clean old wax embedded in the top bar groove, while the serrated edge is used to clean wax from the wire.The design of the tool also enables it to..
Ex Tax:$14.55
EYELET TOOLA handy tool for use when attaching eyelets onto frames.Thread 8 eyelets onto the tool and use the tool to push the eyelets into the pre-drilled holes in the frame.Makes assembly of frames a breeze as there is no longer any fiddling with small eyelets...
Ex Tax:$5.45
QUEEN EXCLUDER CLEANEROver time queen excluders get blocked with wax or propolis and this is often difficult to remove.This handy tool enables you to easily clean metal excluders allowing worker bees free access again to supers...
Ex Tax:$14.55
WAX EMBEDDING WHEELWire or wax embedding wheels are used when assembling frames to attach sheets of foundation to wire.For best results, slightly heat the brass wheel in hot water and then press the wire into the wax while rolling the wheel across the length of the sheet...
Ex Tax:$13.64
EXTRACTOR LIDS (REPLACEMENT SET)Replacement set of perspex extractor lids...
Ex Tax:$36.36
CLEATS, HANDLE FOR SUPERIndispensable when lifting a heavy super the cleats are nailed or screwed onto a hive box.They provide excellent grip and better box balance...
Ex Tax:$4.55
NAILS - BOX Nails for assembling supers and brood boxes. Cement coated for extra strength.Size 65mm x 2.8mm flat top nails. Base price is Per 150g (this is approx. 45 nails which is enough to construct a single box)LARGER QUANTITIES ALSO AVAILABLE..
Ex Tax:$4.00
SCREWS FOR HIVE BOXESGalvanised screws are used to assemble brood boxes, supers and nucleus hives. The length of the screw is 65mm to achieve maximum strength in the joins of the wood.Price per 50 pieces.LARGER QUANTITIES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST..
Ex Tax:$7.73
VENTS - GALVANISED STEELSuitable for use to vent hive lids or extra venting to nucleus hive boxes. Base price is for 4 pieces.Also available in lots of 50...
Ex Tax:$2.27
FRAME DISPLAY CASEThe perfect item to safely display a frame of honeycomb with bees when selling honey at the market or for educators showing younger children bees up close! Can also be used more permanently to display a wonderfully capped frame of honey in your home or business.These cases are hand..
Ex Tax:$163.64
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