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Bob’s Beekeeping Supplies stocks an incredible range of products to suit your every need. From supplies for experienced beekeepers to beginner kits for those new to the trade to cute gifts for those who simply love bees, we’ll have what you’re looking for. We stock a number of beekeeping supplies to suit your needs, including comprehensive beekeeping starter kits, children’s books, novelty items, and more. As well as having an extensive list of beekeeping products and themed gifts, we also offer educational resources, such as beekeeping manuals, courses, workshops, insightful books, and more. Whether you’re looking for hive management supplies, gift ideas for a bee-loving friend, or information on the importance of bees and how to care for them, we can help.

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Bob’s Beekeeping Supplies is a family-owned beekeeping business with over 15 years of industry experience. We have a real passion for our trade and are committed to helping beekeepers throughout Australia, providing them with everything they need for proper bee care and bee hive management. If you’re looking for high-quality clothing, beekeeping supplies, and more, look no further! We offer a number of different products to help you manage your bee colonies and maintain happy hives. Shop our complete range today and make Bob’s Beekeeping Supplies your first choice for all your beekeeping needs!

HONEY POTBeautiful addition to any beekeeper's kitchen.Great for gifts.Comes in 7 different styles - see the dropdown menu for what is currently available...
Ex Tax:$10.91
BEEKEEPER'S JACKETPOWERLOOM = ZIP FRONT- FENCING/SHERRIFF STYLE HOOD (Note: round hood also available for purchase)A comfortable jacket made of 70% cotton/30%polyester mix for durability.Elasticised wrists and waistband with a full length YKK zip.Thumb loop on wrist to prevent sleeves ..
Ex Tax:$50.00
JACKET - VENTILATED - FENCING STYLE HOOD A beekeeper’s dream during hot weather the jacket is assembled from two layers of light breathable fabric with an open weave rubber core in between.The layered fabric minimises stings and the jacket assists the beekeeper in keeping cool for long periods ..
$99.00 $125.00
Ex Tax:$90.00
MILKWOOD - Real skills for down-to-earth livingBy Kirsten Bradley & Nick RitarThe skills we learn bind our loves together. Do you want to know how to grow your own food? Or keep bees? How to forage for wild greens, or edible seaweed along the shoreline? Maybe you're curious about cultivating mus..
Ex Tax:$45.45
Mineral beeMinerals and Trace Elements FOR BEES is 100% natural minerals, trace elements, amino acids and fatty acids for honeybees.Minerals and Trace Elements FOR BEES has been scientifically proven to contain THE SAME KEY MINERALS AND TRACE ELEMENTS AS HONEY AND POLLENWhy add Minerals & Trace ..
Ex Tax:$27.27
NUC ENTRANCE DISC (LARGE)A large coloured plastic disk which can be used to regulate the entrance and exit of bees from a nucleus or similiar box.The disk has 4 opening settings which can be dialed as required.These are: queen excluder, drone excluder, ventilation holes which do not allow..
Ex Tax:$9.09
NUC ENTRANCE DISC (MEDIUM)Useful disk to add a variable entrance to a nucleus box.Three settings: Queen excluder, ventilation holes or wide open.Diameter is 12.5 cms. Available in either metal or plastic...
Ex Tax:$4.55
OVERALL - VENTILATED - FENCING STYLE A practical airy overall made from two porous layers of fabric with a loose weave rubber core.The layered fabric minimises stings. Elasticised waist, wrist and ankle cuffs.Large pockets and YKK nylon zips in both the hppd and body of the garment. The..
Ex Tax:$135.45
POLLENPollen is the colony's source of protein and minerals and is required for brood to develop.Available in 200g and 400g optionsFor larger quantities please contact us directly..
Ex Tax:$6.82
QUEEN CAGE - TravelCages can be used to mail queen bees throughout Australia Post or to hold a queen for a buyer.A queen bee and her worker companions can easily be inserted into the cage and the lid attached.The queen can be fed syrup or water through the holes in the cage which also al..
Ex Tax:$0.55
QUEEN CELLS / CUPS - Used to graft either larvae or eggs during the queen rearing process..
Ex Tax:$0.23
SLOTTED BOTTOM BOARD Placed between the base and the first brood box the board becomes a permanent part of the hive.The design of the board provides the following advantages to the beekeeper: - The longer entrance enables the guard bees to better defend the hive entrance against intruders - Th..
Ex Tax:$29.09
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